Aerosoft – Aviation-Sim-Design Airfield Kyritz MSFS Update 1.2

Aerosoft’s Aviation-Sim-Design Airfield Kyritz MSFS Update 1.2 introduces significant improvements to enhance the virtual airfield experience. These enhancements include an animated gate that opens automatically when approached, as well as a scheduled opening time for a second gate between 7 am and 8 pm daily. The update also brings changes and additions to traffic signs, ensuring better navigation and safety within the airfield. Additionally, the old entrance gate has been replaced with a new sign featuring AFH bush letters, improving visibility and identification.

Mesh adjustments have been made to the clinic and airfield aerial, enhancing visual accuracy. The hangar interior now lacks snow and rain effects, creating a cleaner environment. The update also introduces apron painting and parking positions for a more organized parking system. The Kyritz Tower has been renamed Kyritz Radio to align with real-world aviation terminology, indicating a shift in its functionality to a Flight Service Station (FSS). Minor adjustments have been made overall, enhancing the overall polish and realism of the airfield scenery.

In summary, Aerosoft’s Aviation-Sim-Design Airfield Kyritz MSFS Update 1.2 offers a more immersive and realistic experience with its animated gates, improved traffic signs, updated entrance gate, mesh adjustments, enhanced hangar interior, apron painting, and parking positions. The renaming of Kyritz Tower to Kyritz Radio reflects real-world aviation terminology. These updates, along with various minor adjustments, contribute to the overall refinement and accuracy of the virtual airfield, providing flight simulation enthusiasts with an improved and captivating experience.

Changelog Version 1.2:

  • Airfield gate (animated – opens when approached, the second gate opens every day between 7 am – 8 pm)
  • Added/changed traffic signs
  • Removed old entrance gate and added a new sign with AFH bush letters
  • Mesh (clinic and airfield aerial) adjusted
  • Added removal of snow and rain effect in hangar interior
  • Added Apron painting (parking positions)
  • Parking positions added
  • Changed Kyritz Tower to Kyritz Radio (FSS)
  • Minor adjustments made
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