Aerosoft – Tailstrike Designs – Prague MSFS Update 1.0.3

Aerosoft’s Tailstrike Designs Prague MSFS Update 1.0.3 brings significant improvements to enhance the virtual Prague Airport experience. The update fixes issues with airport traffic driving in incorrect areas and updates the ground lines, improving the visual accuracy of taxiways, runways, and parking areas. The removal of the tower beacon aligns the scenery with the real-world configuration, while adjustments to terminal glass opacity create a better balance between transparency and reflection. The update also includes 3D model modifications for more accurate positioning and replaces some 3D meshes with real Microsoft Flight Simulator terrain, resulting in a more realistic representation of the airport and its surroundings. General bug fixes and performance optimizations contribute to a smoother and more stable experience overall.

In summary, Aerosoft’s Tailstrike Designs Prague MSFS Update 1.0.3 offers significant enhancements to Prague Airport, including improved ground lines, removal of the tower beacon, adjusted terminal glass opacity, accurate 3D model positioning, and the use of real MFS terrain. The update also addresses bugs and optimizes performance, resulting in a more realistic, visually appealing, and stable virtual Prague Airport experience for flight simulation enthusiasts.

Changelog Version 1.0.3:

  • Fixed Airport traffic driving where they should not
  • Updated Ground Lines
  • Removed Tower Beacon (finally)
  • Changed Terminal Glass Opacity
  • Moved some 3D Models
  • Replaced some 3D mesh with real MFS Terrain
  • General Bug Fixes
  • Optimized Performance
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