Salty Simulations – 747-8i Mod EFB in Development for MSFS

Salty Simulations is a group of developers working on the default 747-8i provided by MSFS to improve significantly its features, systems and performance in an open-source and freeware mod. Their project can be followed on their GitHub page, and it has been distributed now through the installer of FlyByWire Simulations for an easier and automatic installation. Users can choose between a Stable or a Development versions.

Their current tasks are focused on the addition of a very nice looking EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) that you will be able to control through a tablet inserted in the 3D virtual cockpit of the Boeing 747-8i in MSFS.

Salty Simulations shared a set of preview screenshots to introduce the charts display feature, and the aircraft settings page to give access to systems options like the required time of IRS alignement, the fuel management, the pilot visibility, the automatic pause of the flight simulation when you reach the Top of Descent point of your flight plan.

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