Cowan Simulation – Cowansim 222B MSFS

Put your hands on the flight controls of the Cowan Simulation – Cowansim 222B for Microsoft Flight Simulator, now available at SIMMARKET. This impressive helicopter add-on offers a realistic flight experience with its detailed features and capabilities. It includes a start-up checklist to begin from a cold and dark cockpit, along with customizable options accessible through the weight and balance window. Although throttle hardware bindings are not currently supported, Cowan Simulation is dedicated to providing updates based on user feedback, ensuring a continually updated and improved product.

The Cowansim 222B boasts numerous features to enhance your flight experience. With 45 liveries to choose from, customizable panel configurations, and dynamic weight options, you can personalize your aircraft to suit your preferences. Experience realistic effects such as blade slap and vibrations, and take advantage of the functional spot light for enhanced visibility during night flights. The helicopter is available in various versions, including a medical version (HEMS) and a luxury version. With virtual reality compatibility, detailed 4K PBR textures, custom 3D instruments, and realistic night lighting, the Cowansim 222B offers an exceptional level of immersion.

Don’t miss out on the Cowansim 222B for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Purchase your copy today from SIMMARKET and embark on countless thrilling and realistic helicopter flights.

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