DominicDesignTeam – KPHL Philadelphia MSFS Update V1.1

DominicDesignTeam has released the KPHL Philadelphia MSFS Update V1.1, which includes several notable changes based on the changelog. Firstly, the update addresses the issue of jetway link size, ensuring a more accurate representation of these essential airport features. Additionally, the height of the jetway in the Gate F area has been adjusted to match the reality of the airport, adding an extra layer of authenticity.

The update also focuses on improving the visual details of the scenery. The American Airlines logo font has been corrected to match reality, ensuring a more realistic depiction on hangars and other regions. Furthermore, edge lights have been added to the taxiway, enhancing visibility and providing a more immersive experience for virtual pilots. The team has also fixed any issues with taxiway signs for improved navigational assistance.

Lastly, the KPHL Philadelphia MSFS Update V1.1 introduces more old texture apron, enhancing the overall visual aesthetics of the airport. This addition adds a touch of historical charm and further enhances the sense of realism.

Overall, the DominicDesignTeam’s KPHL Philadelphia MSFS Update V1.1 brings significant improvements to the scenery, addressing various issues and enhancing the overall visual fidelity of the airport. With attention to detail and a commitment to realism, this update provides virtual pilots with a more immersive and accurate experience at KPHL Philadelphia in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Changelog :

  • Fix Jetway link size
  • Lower the height of jetway in Gate F area ( like reality)
  • Fixed American Airlines logo font to match reality on hanggar and other regions
  • Add edge light taxiway
  • Fix taxiway sign
  • Add more old texture apron[0]=AZUo8p7pAkh6N-WbDNjmcets-WmPfibiXZ4c3Ai398tCIEx4V9J0PVYgmuaoJuHe5nkTL8oazu0Co0b9hQIgTbiRCBv2UKD9nSCUfHvu8O682lUDYgBUEXRzLHgT4JerN42L4BOAsiOAw2beA81QdgDbJw1lWg1u9sVHJrm91jw6y1AwawSUZSP746315u7VJyA&tn=%2CO%2CP-R
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