FlyFreeStd – Millenium Master Legacy MSFS

Introducing the FlyFreeStd – Millenium Master Legacy MSFS available at SIMMARKET! This aircraft is a low-wing ultralight masterpiece, primarily constructed with carbon fiber and powered by a Rotax 914 US engine generating 115 hp.

Originally designed by Millennium Aircraft in Italy, the production faced setbacks but was later acquired by Blackshape and Pelegrin Limited. The Master’s notable features include effective slotted flaps, allowing for a landing speed of only 65 km/h, a maximum speed of 350 km/h, and an economic speed of 225 km/h with a fuel consumption of only 8 l/h.

In this package, you’ll find the original cockpit version of the Millennium Master with six painting patterns to choose from, including factory patterns of Millennium Master, Pelegrin Tarragon, and Blackshape Prime, as well as additional patterns like Green and Tribal. Customization options within the cockpit allow you to modify elements such as the engine hood, interior design, and even add a display screen during your flight. The high-quality 3D cockpit, PBR 4k-textures, and detailed animations make the exterior model and virtual cockpit truly impressive.

This package also includes a comprehensive illustrated user manual, ensuring you have all the necessary information for an optimal flying experience. Additionally, the high-quality soundset adds authenticity to the aircraft, and every gauge and instrument is designed with realism in mind. Immerse yourself in the world of the Millenium Master and enjoy a realistic, visually stunning, and highly customizable flying experience with the FlyFreeStd – Millenium Master Legacy MSFS at SIMMARKET.

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