Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Announced [Trailer 4K]

Microsoft et Asobo Studio surprise the flightsim community with the reveal of an official trailer in 4K to announce and showcase the new version of MSFS : Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, developed for Windows PC and for the Xbox series X and S.

Their next generation of the famous flight simulation franchise will include a wide variety of missions and 3D interactions to provide missions and a pilot career management : for heavy cargo operations to remote destinations or with your helicopter to off-shore platforms or ships, to achieve air ambulance missions, search and rescue operations, to live as a glider pilot, air racing and many more.

No more public details have been shared yet as of the price, upgrade policy, compatibility with current MSFS addons, so we’ll keep you informed as soon as they give more information. We just have noticed that the official Twitter account of @XBoxGamePassPC added that it will be “a brand new sequel with careers”, it’s not a simple update for our existing MSFS.

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