iniBuilds – London Stansted EGSS MSFS

Explore the vibrant world of London Stansted Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator with iniBuilds’ add-on available at SIMMARKET. This meticulously crafted scenery brings the UK’s fourth busiest airport to life, providing an immersive and authentic virtual experience. With stunning visuals, attention to detail, and optimized performance, users are treated to a captivating journey through every aspect of the airport, from landside areas to terminals and more.

The package offers an array of impressive features, including hand-made ground textures, accurately modeled dynamic airport lighting, highly detailed buildings and objects, and custom-built jetways with realistic variations. The scenery stays up to date with the current layout of London Stansted, reflecting its real-world counterpart and delivering an authentic atmosphere. Custom static aircraft, bespoke taxi signage, and compatibility with iniManager further enhance the realism and customization options for users.

Optimized for performance, the add-on utilizes the latest MSFS SDK features and Level of Detail (LOD) optimization, ensuring smooth and fluid operations. With its comprehensive features and attention to detail, iniBuilds’ London Stansted scenery is a must-have for flight simulation enthusiasts looking to experience one of the UK’s most renowned airports in a truly immersive and realistic manner.

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