Roland Laborie – A400M v3 MSFS

The highly anticipated Airbus A400M, developed by Roland Laborie, has been updated to version 3 for MSFS users. This high-wing aircraft features four propeller engines, a pressurized cabin, and a rear cargo door. It serves as both a strategic and tactical transport and tanker aircraft, capable of transporting personnel and materials in various configurations. With a maximum payload of 37 tonnes and a range of around 3,100 kilometers, the A400M can reach speeds of up to 750 kilometers per hour. It is powered by four TP400-D6 turboprop engines developed by Europrop International (EPI) and has dimensions of 45.10 meters in length and 14.70 meters in height.

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For existing and new customers, the improvements, fixes and new features are detailed below.

New version 3 Changelog :

  • Improved instrument readability (flashing suppression when zooming in)
  • Bug clicks mouse Resolved.
  • Improvement and brightness adjustments of EFIS.
  • HUD enhancement, texture, + HSI-Ils addition.
  • Added APU.
  • Insertion of real synoptics in the ECAM of the Airbus A400M.
  • Changes to OVHD push buttons and systems.
  • Coding rotactor ignition according to the starter switches and motor condition levers for starting motors.
  • Improvement of the flight model, especially at High Altitude.
  • Improved cockpit textures.
  • Adjustment Animation blades and propellers.+ texture.
  • Landing lights setting.
  • Animation rotactor FMS ATT-HDG AIR DATA
  • Added Delivered Air defender 2023.
  • Added formation lights.
  • Reduced noise level of engines.

Next update about “fuel-system-pedestal”: September 2023.


  • Full MSFS model.
  • Fully Animated VC and exterior model.
  • 3D modeled gauges – PFD – MFD – AP – Terrain follow – MCDU.
  • Electrics. (AC/DC)
  • Hydraulics.
  • Air Condition.
  • Pneumatics
  • HUD-Autopilot-Autothrottle.

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