Sierrasim Simulation – Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Intl SEGU MSFS in Ecuador

Sierrasim Simulation presents José Joaquín de Olmedo Intl SEGU MSFS, a lovely detailed airport scenery for MSFS in Ecuador. It features improved airport models, high-quality textures, and custom jetways, providing an immersive environment. Explore Guayaquil City with over 10 points of interest, and enjoy the realistic interior terminal models. The scenery also offers improved ground textures and enhanced cargo, military, and general aviation areas for a comprehensive airport experience.

Sierrasim Simulation’s SEGU for MSFS is a realistic airport scenery. With custom models, textures, and jetways. The scenery also features improvements in cargo, military, and general aviation areas, making it a comprehensive choice for virtual pilots.

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