HCG Digital Arts Ltd. – HCG Hurricane HC-450N MSFS

Today we introduce the HCG Hurricane HC-450N helicopter for MSFS by HCG Digital Arts Ltd. This feature-rich aircraft offers a customizable and immersive flying experience. It includes a custom Wwise soundpack with fun sounds, 16 livery options, interactive objects, and animated rotorhead assembly. The HC-450N also features working gauges, lights, and openable/removable doors.

The HCG Hurricane HC-450N helicopter for MSFS brings realism and excitement to your virtual aviation adventures. With its custom soundpack, multiple livery options, and interactive features, this aircraft offers a unique and immersive experience. Enjoy the animated rotorhead assembly, working gauges, and openable/removable doors, making your flights even more engaging.

Experience the HCG Hurricane HC-450N helicopter for MSFS and enjoy its custom soundpack, 16 livery options, and interactive objects. With working gauges, openable/removable doors, and animated rotorhead assembly, the HC-450N delivers a thrilling flight experience like no other.

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