TFDi Design – MD-11 MSFS Development Status

TFDi Design and their MD-11, like so many other airliner projects, is a long-awaited, long-running and seemingly eternal topic of conversation. You can now buy them… through the developer’s pre-order program, those interested can purchase the presale edition for USD 80.

A few days ago, Collin Biedenkopf, head of the TFDi team, published a video in which he explains the current status of development. In this video, the TFDi Design Team gives an update on the development progress of their MD-11 aircraft. They show the detailed modeling of the cockpit and highlight the advances in FMC and other systems. The team also discusses the status of completion of the electrical system, hydraulic system, fire control system, flight control system and engine controls. They go into the complexity of the electrical system and show how failures can be simulated. Additionally, they announce the inclusion of a passenger cabin to create an immersive experience. The development process was efficient and focused on the system logic outside of the simulator. The team expects the aircraft to be airworthy within the next few months and is providing a website to follow progress and updates.

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