The Secret Studio – WMKK KLIA Intl MSFS Update v3.3.0

The Secret Studio’s WMKK KLIA Intl MSFS Update v3.3.0 brings a host of exciting enhancements to one of Southeast Asia’s critical aviation hubs, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Malaysia. The update focuses on improving the airport’s visual fidelity and performance while adding realistic details to enhance the overall experience.

The update includes improved roof textures for both the main and satellite terminals, eliminating any previous visual artifacts. Aesthetic improvements continue with the addition of main storm drain ditches and refined vegetation polygons for a more realistic and immersive environment. Ground markings at all terminals have been updated for improved navigation, while taxiway and apron edge alignments have been optimized to match aerial textures seamlessly.

The Secret Studio’s dedication to perfection is evident in the attention to detail, correcting taxiway signage and positioning to ensure smooth navigation. Improvements to wig wag models, fuel storage tanks, and perimeter fencing further enhance the airport’s realism and security. Compatibility with popular add-ons like GSX has been improved, and a full review of taxiway points, paths, and runway connections guarantees accurate and reliable navigation information. With the update v3.3.0, The Secret Studio offers a remarkable and immersive experience for virtual aviators exploring the mysteries of KLIA.


  • Improved Main and Satellite Terminal roof textures, with reduced AA artifacts..
  • Added main storm drain ditches.
  • Extensive texture and LOD optimization throughout the airport.
  • Improved taxiway and apron edge alignments with aerial texture and cover-up.
  • Corrections to vegetation polygons.
  • Improved ground markings at all terminals.
  • Corrected LOD anomaly with the main/satellite terminal underpass/taxiway bridge.
  • Corrected taxiway signage and positioning.
  • Improved perimeter fencing.
  • Improved wig wag models.
  • Improved fuel storage tank models.
  • RWY32L approach vegetation cleanup.
  • Modified terminal colliders to be more GSX friendly.
  • Full review of all taxiway points, paths and parking, hold short and runway connections.
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