Cockspur – Aeroprakt A22-LS Version 2 & 162 Skycatcher Preview MSFS

The Cockspur – Aeroprakt A22-LS Version 2 offers an exhilarating flight experience with its two versions, giving the option of wheel-fairings or a sleeker design. Its advanced G3X display enhances situational awareness, while the convenience of in-cockpit phone controls allows pilots to customize their flight by toggling static elements and switching between ASI units.

The meticulously modelled flaperons add to the realism, and a variety of liveries cater to individual preferences. The aircraft’s controller-friendly design ensures smooth handling, while the realistic flight model, based on real-world data, delivers an authentic flying experience. With its user-friendly nature, this aircraft is both easy to master and incredibly enjoyable to fly.

Their new V2 update is free for registered customers.
Changelog :

  • Addition of a new analogue cockpit layout with steam gauges
  • All textures have been remade from the ground up.
  • 3D modelling, both internal and external, have been refined and reworked.

After much anticipation and secrecy, Cockspur is on the brink of releasing the 162 Skycatcher for MSFS, marking one of their intriguing side projects. Although typically kept under wraps due to uncertainty, the 162 is now complete, undergoing final packaging preparations. Collaborating closely with SparkyPilot86, who flies the actual aircraft, Cockspur ensures utmost accuracy in terms of systems and flight model representation. Additionally, a partnership with Rainier Flight Service grants access to the liveries of their entire fleet of 12 162s, included as defaults in the package.

The aircraft will come in two variants, allowing pilots to choose between wheel fairings or a sleeker design. With an emphasis on authenticity and attention to detail, the Cockspur 162 Skycatcher promises to deliver an unforgettable flight experience in the virtual skies of MSFS. To be released in the next weeks.

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