Sky Blue Radio and JetStream Radio become one!

In a thrilling and electrifying merger, Sky Blue Radio and JetStream Radio have united under the banner of “Sky Blue Radio,” set to rock the airwaves with a symphony of tunes and laughter. The fusion of these two radio powerhouses brings forth not one but TWO incredible music channels, offering a diverse musical journey from Classic Rock to the hottest Top 40 hits. It’s like upgrading from a propeller plane to a supersonic jet, all in one fantastic ride!

The Classic Rock channel will have listeners dancing on air to the timeless beats of rock legends, envisioning themselves air-guitaring in the cockpit while cruising the musical skies. Meanwhile, the Top 40 channel, bearing the historic JetStream name, promises a joyride through the latest hits that’s practically gliding through the stratosphere. The addition of the fantastic JetStream staff under the Sky Blue Radio umbrella ensures a match made in musical heaven, blending unique expertise and a shared passion for delivering tunes that make the world soar.

Collin Biedenkapp, former head honcho of JetStream Radio and soon-to-be Top 40 maestro, expressed excitement over the merger, stating, “We’re combining the best of what both of us do to make a more fun, more engaging experience for everyone.” Jeff “JT” Turner, Head Honcho of Sky Blue Radio, echoed the enthusiasm, calling the merger a game-changer. With the best of Classic Rock and Top 40, along with the amazing JetStream team, listeners are in for the musical adventure of a lifetime.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to soar on a flight of musical fancy with Sky Blue Radio. Prepare to be transported to cloud nine as you tune in to the captivating sounds and favorite DJs that will dominate the airwaves, offering music that’s truly out of this world. The sky is the limit, and Sky Blue Radio is ready to take you on an unforgettable journey filled with music and excitement.

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