BeyondATC – Project of Realistic ATC for Microsoft Flight Simulator

BeyondATC is a groundbreaking add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator that introduces a modern and realistic Air Traffic Control (ATC) experience using advanced AI technology. With over 100 ultra-realistic AI voices featuring regional accents, pilots can enjoy authentic communications with ATC during their flights, enhancing the immersion and realism of the virtual aviation world. The add-on caters to both IFR and VFR flying styles, providing a seamless experience for pilots, no matter their preferences.

The realism of BeyondATC is taken to the next level with the incorporation of FAA and ICAO Phraseology, developed in collaboration with real air traffic controllers from around the world. This ensures that the phraseology used by ATC in the simulator mirrors real-world aviation procedures accurately. Additionally, Simbrief integration makes flight planning effortless, enabling pilots to generate comprehensive and accurate flight plans with ease.

BeyondATC doesn’t just focus on the ATC aspect; it also enriches the virtual airspace with AI Traffic Interactions. Pilots can expect a lively and bustling airspace as the add-on seamlessly interacts with popular AI traffic packages, simulating realistic air traffic movements. The add-on also allows users to customize their experience by adding specific airline gates, SOPs, runway preferences, and more using community-sourced data, ensuring a dynamic and engaging flight simulation community. With its array of impressive features, BeyondATC elevates Microsoft Flight Simulator to new heights, providing an unparalleled and thrilling flight simulation adventure for all virtual pilots.

The official website FAQ announces that the release is expected this year 2023, specifying that the software will be compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) and its next version 2024. An internet connection is required during its use because communications are based on artificial intelligence technology managed on remote servers.

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