Tropicalsim – Kansas CIty Intl KMCI V2 MSFS

Discover the future of virtual aviation with TropicalSim’s KMCI V2 for MSFS, a cutting-edge rendition of Kansas City International Airport. Updated to include the newly opened single terminal, this add-on offers a highly detailed and realistic experience with custom jetways and PBR-textured interiors. All major airlines have assigned parking gates, replicating real-life operations.

The airport’s full night illumination and seamless integration with default MSFS scenery create an immersive environment for day and night flying. Kansas City International Airport’s allure lies in its low congestion, minimal flight delays, and efficient air and ground space. Spanning over 10,000 acres, its three runways and Category III instrument Landing System ensure smooth operations even in challenging weather. The add-on’s usage of MSFS PBR Materials, FlightSim Materials, and native gITF models delivers stunning visuals and pushes the boundaries of realism. As TropicalSim continues to improve and enhance KMCI V2, the airport remains an appealing gateway for hassle-free flying, attracting pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike.

Dive into a captivating aviation experience by exploring KMCI V2 at SIMMARKET, where TropicalSim’s commitment to realism and constant updates guarantees a top-tier flight simulation adventure.

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