Carenado – CT182T MSFS

Come at SIMMARKET to discover Carenado – CT182T MSFS, a beloved and iconic aircraft that is perfect for short-distance sightseeing, family trips, or business travel. Its powerful 230 HP engine allows for a comfortable cruise speed of 145 KTS and an impressive maximum range of 971 NM, ensuring safe and efficient travel to any destination. The aircraft features advanced avionics with the Default MSFS G1000, including primary and multi-function displays, as well as a reliable default KAP140 autopilot for precise navigation with custom sounds.

The Carenado – CT182T MSFS offers an immersive flying experience with authentic sound effects, such as engine and wind sounds when opening doors and windows. The original HQ digital stereo sounds, recorded directly from the real aircraft, add depth and realism to the simulation. Developed with input from multiple pilots, the aircraft boasts realistic flight dynamics and weight and balance, providing maximum accuracy during flight.

Visually stunning, the Carenado – CT182T MSFS utilizes Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials and textures, ensuring exceptional visual fidelity comparable to the film and gaming industries. Interact with various elements through the tablet interface, including controlling static elements, pilots, and door operations, as well as choosing between cold and dark or ready-to-taxi start options. For aviation enthusiasts, virtual pilots, and newcomers to flight simulation, this aircraft offers an unforgettable and authentic aviation experience. Secure your ticket to an incredible flying adventure at SIMMARKET today.

💻 With Siminstaller = MSFS Auto-Install and Auto-Update via SIMMARKET app

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