Aerosoft’s long list of problems

After Mathijs Kok announced the separation from Aerosoft almost 5 weeks ago, the second article about the development status of the A330 went online today.

Hooray, Aerosoft News!

No crap! It’s not so ‘Hooray’. Because what Aerosoft has now confessed to us sounds frighteningly far away from a release. Let’s start with the good news of the development update:

Aerosoft is working with ‘around 20 testers’ who are supposed to find errors in the A330. It looks like they’re very, very, very good at it. To be precise, the testers submitted 285 bugs and suggestions for improvement. Aerosoft was kind enough to create this little chart so they can see for themselves the work that needs to be done 🙂

Jokes aside, Aerosoft admits they know how long you can sit on a bug. They anticipate that about one in ten bugs will take well over a week to be completely fixed.
I don’t think you have to be a pro simmer to realize that a release this year is almost impossible. Despite this admission from Aerosoft itself, there is still no official release date for the A330.

Aerosoft doesn’t want to spare us diagrams today. This is the current status of the bug fix:

Whether these are still traces of Kok’s past is difficult to say. Who knows if Aerosoft’s wide-body airliner will ever come out for MSFS2020?

All non-factual statements in this article are not meant to be taken seriously and are for entertainment purposes only!

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