Passenger2 : Aircraft and Catering Manager introduced

Passenger2 is a newly announced advanced flight simulator passenger app. The application promises a variety of features, complexity and realism. It will be compatible with the most popular flight simulators like MSFS 2020, P3D, X-Plane and FSX.

“It’s exciting to announce the development of Passenger2,” said lead developer Scott Thompson. “Having entered the advanced stage of development, we are ready to delight the Flight Simulator community with advanced passenger realism.”

Expected to be available in Q4 2023 at a competitive price, Passenger2 will feature various modes including Career and Just Fly.

Flight captains are not only rated on their flight performance, but also on customer service. The app will feature realistic crew announcements, which can be multilingual, and can even play safety videos.

As we reported, part of the Passengers2 tool will be aircraft and catering management. This has now been introduced by developer Scott Thompson in a blog article:

Aircraft manager:

  • Choose and buy from a catalog of over 115 aircraft.
  • Each aircraft has a maximum passenger and cargo capacity.
  • You earn money by transporting passengers and cargo.
  • Airplanes can be sold for half the purchase price.

Catering Manager – Contracts:

  • Contract six catering companies to get the best prices on goods.
  • Each contract has a minimum term, a required airline rating, and a signing fee.
  • Contracts can be changed or terminated early, but subject to a large cancellation fee.

Catering Manager – Menu:

  • Select products to add to your airline menu from a range of beverage, food and duty-free options.
  • Products can be added or removed from the menu at any time.

Catering manager – product details:

  • Purchase goods at your catering contact’s per-unit price.
  • Discounts are offered for bulk orders and the sale price can also be fixed.
  • Empty inventories or high prices lead to negative passenger ratings, which affect the airline’s reputation.

Catering manager – product in the menu:

  • A product is shown in the catalog as having been added to the menu with a green tick.
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