Sim Update 13 Beta – Release Notes [] 

A new pre-release test build ( for Sim Update 13 is now available for those players enrolled in the public beta. You can read the release notes on this forumtopic. Or just read it below.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where uninstalled standard content would automatically reinstall.
  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title.
  • Added logbook compression to fix an issue where the logbook stopped recording flights after reaching 16MB limit size.
  • Several localization improvements
  • The dark line that appears on the horizon in some situations is now less visible.

For the AAU_02 update, we made a change to allow control of the cursor with all joysticks and not only with a gamepad. This change had the unintended consequence of causing the central white dot to display when moving the camera or when using a joystick/mouse at the same time. To address the issue, we’ve added two new options to allow players to customize the cursor behavior:

You can access these new options from Options > General Options > Accessibility.

  • SHOW WHITEDOT CURSOR (Default = ON) : Display or hide the central white dot cursor when the camera moves.
  • USE CURSOR FOR ALL JOYSTICKS (Default = OFF) : ON will allow all joysticks to control the cursor. If set to OFF, this will be the same behavior as before AAU_02.

Please note this change is only available on PC at this time but will come to Xbox in the next SU13 beta build.

Glass Cockpits

Garmin G3000 / G5000

  • Fixed an incorrect unit conversion that could cause the MFD navigation data bar ISA field to display incorrect values in Fahrenheit.
  • Fixed an issue where the FOB SYNC instructions would still appear on the GTC Weight and Fuel page if the page was opened after FOB was already set.
  • Fixed multiple issues that could sometimes cause the GTC VNAV page and Flight Plan Text Inset not display the correct Active VNAV Waypoint.

G1000 Nxi

  • Fixed an incorrect unit conversion that could cause the MFD navigation data bar ISA field to display incorrect values in Fahrenheit.
  • Fixed the issue where the PFD was not showing the VNAV target altitude.
  • Fixed the issue with waypoint alerter flashing after landing or passing DTO’s.
  • Fixed multiple issues that could sometimes cause the Active VNAV Waypoint, VSR, and VDEV fields on the MFD FPL page to not display the correct values.



  • Diamond DV-20 GNS Screen made interactable.
  • CAP10 GNS Screen made interactable.

Boeing 787-10 / Boeing 747-8i

  • FMC: CLB thrust limit is now retained in cruise, and selected when climbing.
  • FMC: Selecting a new approach while flying an approach procedure should no longer break the approach speeds in the new approach.
  • CDU: Clearing a CDU message now clears it on all CDUs.
  • SYS: Fixed issue where LANDING ALTITUDE message appears when in AUTO.
  • [747] AP: The bank angle limit used while in HDG SEL mode now properly follows the selected bank angle limit selected on the MCP.
  • [747] AP: Fixed AUTO bank limit to be max of 25 instead of 30.
  • [787] EFB: Fixed input from operating system keyboards.
  • [787] EFB: The wind field on TAKEOFF REF page is now copied to the EFB when initializing the EFB takeoff page.
  • [787] SYS: Fixed an issue where HIGH CABIN ALT MODE would appear in the wrong conditions.

Daher TBM 930

  • Fixed an issue where the EIS Ng gauge could report slightly inaccurate values.


  • Corrected an issue that would cause some Touch enabled glasscockpit not to work in VR mode.



  • SimConnect_GetInputEvent and SimConnect_SubscribeInputEvent has been changed to be more explicit. Check documentation for more information


  • Added the possibility to register wasm event with a context
  • Some error messages were missing when a wasm module becomes dirty
  • [SDK][Wasm] rapidjson has been integrated to the SDK to simplify Wasm-JS communication
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