The famous aircraft developer team VIRTAVIA released the classis WWII warbird F7F-3 ‘Tigercat’ today. This pack includes three variants of F7F-3:

Clean variant – No external stores. 3 fictional ‘racers’, also no guns or cannons.
Fighter variant – Carries one belly drop tank. The typical day fighter loadout.
Rockets variant – Carries two underwing drop tanks and eight unguided rockets. The typical ground attack loadout.

About F7F-3: The F7F Tigercat, which was derived from Grumman’s first twin-engine fighter, the XF5F-1 Skyrocket, appeared as the result of a Navy request in June 1941 for development of a larger, twin-engine fighter for use on board the planned large aircraft carriers (Midway-class). The airplane was the first twin-engine fighter ordered in large quantities and the first carrier aircraft to incorporate tricycle landing gear. Built in single and two-seat variants, the heavily armed fighter served in ground support, night fighter and photo reconnaissance roles after World War II and in Korea.

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