PMDG Provides Updates on Upcoming Products for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Popular developer PMDG Simulations has provided flight sim enthusiasts with some updates on their highly-anticipated upcoming products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Posted on September 2nd by PMDG’s Robert Randazzo, the updates offer progress reports and sneak peeks into what simmers can expect to see landing on virtual tarmacs soon.

PMDG Universal Flight Tablet Nearing Release

Randazzo revealed that PMDG’s Universal Flight Tablet continues to make strides towards its inaugural release for the 737, with the beta testing team focusing on polish and refinement. Though a firm date has not been set, Randazzo hinted it will likely happen close to the actual release.

In welcome news, the tablet has also now been implemented in the under-development 777, meaning it will ship with the widebody from day one. Randazzo also praised Asobo’s unlocking of communication capabilities between C++/WASM and script code in SU13. This allowed PMDG to scrap their complex proprietary workaround for tablet-aircraft data transfer. The change opens possibilities for advanced future tablet features.

737 Marketplace Updates Held Up by Approval Process

While development continues smoothly on the 737, Randazzo acknowledged that Marketplace versions are running weeks behind due to disruptions in Microsoft’s content approval process. PMDG has multiple updates queued for airline liveries and bug fixes that are awaiting clearance. Microsoft is transitioning intake systems, so delays are expected to resolve over time.

Triple Seven “Close” to Beta, Improvements Over 737 Promise Excitement

Though not ready just yet, Randazzo teased that PMDG’s Boeing 777 project is nearing beta testing and stated he looks forward to previewing visuals for simmers soon. Learning from the 737 development cycle has paid off, with Randazzo touting major improvements in performance, smoothness, and integration. The eagerness is palpable on both sides for this flagship airliner’s MSFS debut.

More Tablet Functionality Inbound Soon

In closing, Randazzo said new capabilities unlocked by SU13 would allow PMDG to rapidly augment the tablet with requested features. While some will make release, others will roll out post-launch as free updates. It’s an exciting time for PMDG fans, with the innovative tablet, study-level 777, and PMDG’s traditional meticulous systems depth all on the horizon.

Randazzo’s passion for creating authentic and challenging aircraft experiences that immerse virtual pilots shines through. Judging by these reveals, PMDG is hard at work to provide simmers more of what they crave from this powerhouse dev. The future looks bright for Microsoft Flight Simulator fans longing for airliners and accessories worthy of their virtual wings.

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