MSFS – SimUpdate 13 Beta Release Notes v1.34.14.0

Some info from het MSFS Team: “A new pre-release test build is available to Sim Update 13 beta participants now. Partial release notes are on their forums at this link. Or read below for your convenience. It’s always a pleasure to read that the team is still working on MSFS2020 improvements.

General Bug Fixes

  • Memory and stability improvements
  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title


AeroVodochody L-39 Pipsqueak

  • Fixed entering values by double-clicking on GNS screen

Airbus 310-300

  • Fixed – CPT Terrain Radar button’s tooltip inaccurately displays the current state of the feature.
  • Fixed – Localization not working for “ATC_TYPE”, A310.
  • Fixed – Have a texture mask on right engine.
  • Fixed – The FO’s windshield wipers are active for a short while in the Hangar when switching to or changing liveries.
  • Fixed – Release Note Testing: A310 Fuel burn continuing during pause now fixed.
  • Fixed – The Autopilot Bank Limit tooltip is reversed, says off when it’s on and on when it’s off.
  • Fixed – LOD 2 missing textures for both Xbox and MSFS aviator club liveries.
  • Fixed – Livery names are not localized in liveries page.
  • Fixed – Crash to desktop experienced by some users.
  • Fixed – Wing rear nav lights being too bright.
  • Fixed – GPWS sounds being too quiet.
  • Fixed – Adjusted sound levels based on community feedback.
  • Fixed – Added missing tooltips for instruments in Korean and Turkish.
  • Fixed – Added hangar description missing in Korean and Turkish.
  • Fixed – Neither language is localized in Weight and Balance option.

Cessna Citation CJ4

  • Fixed passenger cabin lights not working

Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny”

  • Fixed – Unable to spawn with Default or Custom amount of fuel.
  • Fixed – Abrupt color change during transition from LOD 4 LOD 5.
  • Fixed – Checklist is autocompleting during evaluation mode.
  • Fixed – EFB (Radio) tunes Active instead of standby frequency.
  • Fixed – Left and right quick views.
  • Fixed – [Localization] “Forward Tank” is not localized in neither languages for Weight and Balance option.
  • Fixed – Added hangar description in Turkish and Korean.

Douglas DC-3

  • Fixed – Black Textures can be seen inside the cockpit.
  • Fixed – Open / Light Seams found in cockpit.
  • Fixed – Beacon switch is not labeled–users had trouble identifying / recognizing it (enhanced package only).
  • Fixed – Enhanced cockpit textures are backwards (enhanced package only).
  • Fixed – Overlapping words on the warning labels inside the cabin and on the rear cabin door.
  • Fixed – Copilot Yoke is tilted.
  • Fixed – Low resolution text in the Enhanced Edition cockpit (enhanced package only).
  • Fixed – Cockpit model – Nose rivets UV map stretched.
  • Fixed – Bad texture mapping on APU Cart.

Grumman G-21 Goose

  • Fixed – Control yoke center section clips though floorboard when yoke is moved forward or backward.
  • Fixed – Fuel valves have no sound for interaction.
  • Fixed – Manual Fuel pump has no sound for interaction or function.
  • Fixed – Tooltip for revised main fuel valve selector.
  • Fixed – EFB screen flickering.
  • Fixed – Some instruments in cockpit are not localized in Turkish.
  • Fixed – Some instruments in cockpit are not localized in Korean.
  • Fixed – Language not localized in Weight and Balance option.
  • Fixed – Fuel Tank Value not localized in selected languages.
  • Fixed – [es-MX] Flaps/Pitot Heat and associated description is not localized in Checklist.
  • Fixed – Livery names are not localized in liveries page.
  • Fixed – Added hangar description in Turkish.

H-4 Hercules “Spruce Goose”

  • Fixed – All 8 engines are now supported.
  • Fixed – Added an undercarriage has been added in hangar mode.
  • Fixed – Added tugboat.
  • Fixed – Added water friction.
  • Fixed – Added throttle transfer from pilot to engineer.
  • Fixed – Added throttle friction.
  • Fixed – Added hangar description and tooltips in Turkish and Korean.
  • Fixed – Some art issues have been fixed in the cockpit.


  • Fixed – Burj Khalifa POI collision.

World Update 3 – UK & Ireland

  • Fixed coastline displays open seam near British Airways i360 in flight.

World Update 4 – France & Benelux

  • Fixed – Trocadero POI had DEM data generating into the bespoke asset.
  • Fixed – Light on Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse POI has strange behaviors when having a certain distance away from the POI.
  • Fixed – There are buildings seen clipping into the Westerkerk POI.
  • Fixed – Palais de Justice Brussels is missing collision for the center tower.
  • Fixed – Palais de Justice Antwerp is missing collision for the entire POI.
  • Fixed – Textures for walking railings only show on one side at the Allianz Riviera POI.
  • Fixed – Chateau de Pierrefonds bespoke asset does not appear until the player is very close to the POI.
  • Fixed – Palais De Papes is missing collision on the south side of the POI.
  • Fixed – France City Update Causes terrain to cover the bottom part of Stade de la Beaujoire POI.
  • Fixed – Lac de Cap-de-Long has water covering parts of the bespoke model.

World Update 5 – Nordics

  • Fixed – Viking Stadion SR-Bank POI is missing collision on the side buildings.
  • Fixed – Guldfågeln Arena POI does not appear until relatively close to the POI.
  • Fixed – Guldfågeln Arena field/pitch LOD pops consistently.

World Update 6 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Fixed – LSZR Altenrhein St. Gallen – Duplicate Taxiway Signs.

World Update 11 – Canada

  • Fixed – Polygons/water issues near Samuel de Champlain Bridge POI.
  • Fixed – Entirety of the Regina Legislature Building is sunk a few feet into the ground.
  • Fixed – Vegetation can be seen clipping into the Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park POI.

World Update 14 – Central Eastern Europe

  • Fixed – Several buildings at Pruhonice Castle are partially buried under the terrain.
  • Fixed – There is a fountain floating above the ground near the Litomysl Castle POI.
  • Fixed – DEM buildings are seen clipping into the Esztergom Basilica POI.
  • Fixed – Krasna Horka Castle POI is missing collision on the floor.
  • Fixed – Parts of the Szigliget Castle POI are floating above the terrain.
  • Fixed – Hill displays next to The Jested Television Tower.
  • Fixed – Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape name fixed to “Lednice Castle”.
  • Fixed – Open seam displays on Bespoke rocks next to The Jested Television Tower.
  • Fixed – Porer Lighthouse name fixed to Lighthouse of Porer.
  • Fixed – Stari Maslenicki name fixed to Maslenica Bridge.
  • Fixed – Trosky Castle name fixed to Trosky State Castle.
  • Fixed – White Textures are displayed on Kost Castle.
  • Fixed – St Nicholas’s Fortress name fixed to St Nicholas’ Fortress.
  • Fixed – Terrain around the Tata Castle POI LOD pops.
  • Fixed – Pruhonice Castle POI has clipping vegetation.

Game of the Year Edition

  • Fixed – EDDP Leipzig-Halle Airport – Jetways do not line up properly with Terminal Building.
  • Fixed – EDDP Leipzig-Halle Airport – Missing all arrivals departures.


  • Fixed WasmDebuggerExtension which might causes crashes if it is used in a C context


  • SimConnect_GetInputEvent have been simplified to deduce automatically the right type of the input event asked instead of leaning on user.
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