MK Studios – Kangerlussuaq Airport BGSF MSFS [Greenland]

MK Studios’ Kangerlussuaq Airport BGSF for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 offers an immersive and breathtaking aviation experience in the remote landscapes of Greenland. This package includes actually 5 handcrafted airports, featuring Kangerlussuaq and other key locations like Sisimiut, Maniitsoq, Qaarsut, and Aasiaat. Each airport boasts detailed buildings, precise terrain modeling, and custom satellite imagery for unparalleled realism.

The inclusion of high-quality LiDAR-based elevation data ensures that runways and aprons are true to life, making for challenging approaches in the midst of awe-inspiring scenery. Beyond the airports, this package also features a full recreation of Kangerlussuaq city, complete with over 150 custom buildings, adding vibrancy to the area. The attention to detail extends to the ground, with custom ground polygons, lighting for day and night operations, and even weather-dependent effects like 3D snow and icebergs.

Additionally, AI compatibility enhances the immersion by populating the skies with lifelike traffic. MK Studios’ Kangerlussuaq Airport BGSF is not just a scenery add-on; it’s an invitation to explore the Arctic landscapes of Greenland with stunning realism, making it a must-have for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 enthusiasts.

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