The Look is Classic But this Autogyro is Actually from 2015

This is the Bulldog Autogyro. Contrary to the looks, this plane was actually introduced in 2015’s AERO Friedrichshafen air show. We are not sure if the prototype ever flew. It comes equiped with a 150hp Rotec R3600 radial engine.

Now, thanks to Rara-Avis, we can enjoy it on MSFS.

This version features:

. 4K PBR textures.
. 3D propeller blur.
. Hideable GPS.
. Uses stock MSFS pilots.
. 3D gauges.
. Custom sounds.
. Custom camera positions.
. Windscreen rain & icing effects.
. Custom animations.
. 23 liveries.
. 3D models built from scratch.
. Custom plexiglass texture.
. Custom decals.
. FX – Tyre, dust, heat.
. Customizable aircraft registration.
. Animated rotor blades (motion blur recommended).
. Uses default MSFS glass gauges.
. Custom checklists.
. Full VR support.
. Add wheel pants and switch decals “on the fly”.
. FSRealistic profile available on their cloud.

You can download it from SimMarket.

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