iniBuilds – Southampton EGHI MSFS

iniBuilds’ Southampton Airport EGHI for Microsoft Flight Simulator, found on SIMMARKET, is a highly detailed and immersive add-on that brings this international airport in the south of the UK to life. Southampton Airport, with its rich history dating back to 1910 and its role in the World Wars, now serves as a bustling hub, hosting over 700,000 passengers annually. It is a focus city for BA Cityflyer and accommodates various regional and international carriers, making it an excellent choice for virtual pilots looking for diverse flight experiences.

The key features of this add-on are truly remarkable. It offers hand-crafted ground poly textures, accurately recreated airport land-side details, dynamic airport lighting, and precise modeling of airport structures and surroundings. Users can expect an authentic representation of Southampton Airport, with custom ground decals, signage, vegetation, and parking barriers. Additionally, the add-on includes a custom GSX profile and incorporates the airport’s latest configuration, including the newly resurfaced and extended runway. Whether you’re a flight simulation enthusiast or a virtual pilot, iniBuilds’ Southampton Airport (EGHI) is a top-notch choice to enhance your MSFS experience.

With its attention to detail, optimized performance, and commitment to realism, iniBuilds’ Southampton Airport (EGHI) is a standout addition to the world of flight simulation. Explore the history and vibrancy of this historic airport, fly various routes, and enjoy the visual and functional accuracy this add-on provides. Upgrade your MSFS experience today by adding Southampton Airport to your virtual aviation adventures, and experience the true-to-life charm of this iconic location.

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