National eSTOL Competition Event on MSFS – SIMMARKET Sponsored

The National STOL community is buzzing with excitement as they gear up for their upcoming eSTOL competition event, set to take place this Saturday on October 7th (2:00pm EST). Sponsored by SIMMARKET and Pilot Experience Sim, this event promises to be a thrilling showcase of short takeoff and landing (STOL) skills in the world of flight simulation. Aviation enthusiasts and gamers alike can catch all the action live and viewers giveaway on Twitch at, while event coverage will also be available on YouTube at

One unique feature of this event is the integration of custom-built 3D assets in the sceneries, featuring sponsor logos. This means that the flight sim community will have the chance to spot SIMMARKET‘s branding in the virtual skies as they navigate the intricately designed STOL strips. Even more exciting, these stunning STOL strips will be available for free download, allowing simmers to experience the thrill of eSTOL flying on their own. The dedication of the National STOL community to promoting freeware development is evident, and they encourage support through donations, acknowledging the time-consuming and cost-intensive nature of creating these sceneries.

Free sceneries and assets to download :

KXNX – Music City Gallatin, TN – eSTOL Event | STOL & STOL

0VJF – Johnsons Farm for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

Johnsons Farm National eSTOL Farm STOL Competition add-on

One of the featured STOL strips, 0VJF – Johnsons Farm, is located in the picturesque Red Bluff area of Tehama County, Northern California. This meticulously crafted scenery includes handcrafted buildings and objects, tailored specifically for Johnsons Farm. The strip offers a 2061-foot dirt runway (Runway 29-11) and a 600-foot-long STOL practice and competition field, complete with distance markers every 20 feet. Simmers can spawn in at various parking spots, including inside three hangars for small planes (Ramp 1-3) and two additional parking spots for larger aircraft (Ramp 4 and 5). The surrounding area provides ample space for landing on neighboring properties, thanks to Cletus Johnson’s friendly agreements with the neighbors, ensuring a unique and immersive eSTOL experience.

In conclusion, the National STOL community’s eSTOL competition event promises to be an exhilarating showcase of flight simulation skills and freeware development, generously sponsored by SIMMARKET. With live streaming on Twitch and comprehensive event coverage on YouTube, aviation enthusiasts and gamers alike can immerse themselves in the world of eSTOL flying. As they download the beautifully crafted STOL strips, complete with sponsor logos, they not only support freeware developers but also embark on thrilling eSTOL adventures, all while enjoying the stunning scenery of Johnsons Farm in the picturesque Northern California landscape.

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