LLH Creations – Updates Grenoble Le Versoud & Annemasse MSFS

LLH Creations, a French developer of attractive airfields and altiports for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has recently released updates for Annemasse Airport (LFLI) and Grenoble Le Versoud Aerodrome (LFLG). Annemasse Airport, nestled near the stunning Lake Geneva and the Alps, has received a significant makeover. LLH Creations’ update includes highly detailed 3D modeling, hand-retouched high-resolution ground textures, an animated windsock, and an emphasis on replicating the airport’s realistic terrain, complete with the challenges of uneven runways. Pilots flying into Annemasse will also need to consider the proximity of Geneva airspaces, adding an extra layer of complexity to their experience. Furthermore, helipads and helicopter parking spots have been added for rotorcraft enthusiasts, making Annemasse a versatile location.

Meanwhile, Grenoble Le Versoud Aerodrome, situated in the picturesque region of Grenoble, has also been revamped by LLH Creations. This update offers a dual-runway configuration, with a hard runway and a grass runway for gliders, accommodating various types of aircraft operations. High-resolution ground textures, an operational heliport, personalized and animated windsock, and realistic terrain modeling are key features of this update. These enhancements contribute to a more immersive and authentic flight experience at Grenoble Le Versoud.

In summary, LLH Creations’ updates for Annemasse Airport and Grenoble Le Versoud Aerodrome in Microsoft Flight Simulator bring a new level of realism and detail to these virtual aviation destinations. With improved visuals, terrain accuracy, and added helicopter facilities, these updates enhance the overall experience for both seasoned and novice virtual aviators, allowing them to explore the scenic beauty and unique challenges of these two distinctive airports.

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