Fly 2 High – KSPI Abraham Lincoln Capital MSFS

Fly 2 High – KSPI Abraham Lincoln Capital is a nicely designed airport scenery add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator that brings to life this US civil-military airport near Springfield in Sangamon County, Illinois.

It is located just three miles from downtown Springfield and is owned by the Springfield Airport Authority. The add-on offers an accurate and immersive simulation of this airport, providing flight enthusiasts with a true-to-life experience of flying in and out of KSPI.

It boasts hand-crafted ground textures for runways, aprons, paths, and roads, ensuring that the airport’s environment looks and feels authentic. Furthermore, Fly 2 High has accurately modeled and positioned dynamic airport lighting, enhancing the visual experience during different times of the day and night. All airport buildings, objects, and the surrounding area have been highly detailed, contributing to a more realistic and immersive flight experience. Additionally, the scenery has been optimized to ensure good FPS, maintaining smooth and enjoyable performance.

For flight simulation enthusiasts looking to enhance their MSFS experience, Fly 2 High – KSPI Abraham Lincoln Capital add-on not only provides a true-to-life representation of this Illinois airport but also adds an extra layer of realism to your virtual flights. It offers an exceptional level of detail and immersion, making it a valuable addition to your flight simulation library.

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