Flying Over Water is Boring, Right?

If there is a scenery for MSFS that we keep going back to is Aerosoft’s Offshore Landmarks: North Sea. This scenery will turn the North Sea from a blue desert to the industrial powerhouse that it is in the real world. This addon brings several industries that are present in the North Sea and with them come 388 new heliports. There are also ships, lots of ships. 741 to be exact. On top of all of this, you will have 78 new NDB stations to help you navigate the waves to your destination. After installing the scenery, your map will look something like this:

There is also a boat that you can sail around in, included in the scenario.

This is one of the best value for money software you can buy for MSFS and also one of the most massive in size ever developed. The possibilities are endless. One idea is to get inside the Tecnam P2006T MRI (Maritime Reconnaissance Intelligence) and perform maritime surveillance over the north sea extensive ship traffic.

However, here in the North Sea, the helicopter is king. 90% of helicopter flights in Europe are to serve the offshore industry. You can use the CowanSim 222B to simulate medical emergency flights, platform supply flights, personnel shift rotation flights or whatever your imagination can come up with. There are 196 new airports added with ICAO codes for your own convenience. Aerosoft’s Offshore Landmarks: North Sea is one of the best sceneries out there and you will not be disappointed.

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