AirportSim – Prices and Real Airline Partnership Announced

The highly anticipated launch of AirportSim on Steam is just 7 days away, and the excitement is building among simulation game enthusiasts. One of the most eagerly awaited details has finally been unveiled: the pricing. AirportSim will be available for $34.99, £29.99, or €33.99, providing a diverse range of players from around the world an opportunity to dive into the world of airport ground handling.

AirportSim promises a realistic and immersive experience, allowing players to step into the shoes of a ground crew member and work with licensed aircraft like the Airbus 320Neo and 737 MAX. The game features operations at four iconic airports (designed by MK Studios), including Warsaw Chopin, Keflavik Airport, Vagar Airport, and Key West Airport. Additionally, players can manage a fleet of 15 vehicles, including 6 licensed ones, and even take on the role of the Marshal. The game also offers various modes and the ability to fine-tune the environment by adjusting weather conditions, making for a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

One exciting highlight is the game’s real airline partnerships. AirportSim has forged partnerships with 14 industry giants, including Airbus and WizzAir. Moreover, the latest partnership announcement introduces Norwegian Airlines to the game. Players will have the chance to operate as ground handlers for Norwegian Airlines’ 737 MAX aircraft, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the gaming experience. With a release date set for 5 PM CET on the 19th of October, the countdown to the AirportSim launch is in full swing, and gamers worldwide are eagerly waiting to explore this exciting airport simulation.

In AirportSim, players will experience the precision and timing required to handle real-world airport ground operations. With various game modes, realistic time simulations, and an array of licensed vehicles, this game promises to be an engaging and authentic experience for aviation enthusiasts. Stay updated on the latest news and developments by following the AirportSim community on Steam, Discord, and other social media platforms, and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of airport ground handling on October 19th.

Features :

  • Step into the shoes of a ground crew member, working alongside licensed planes such as the Airbus 320Neo and 737 MAX.
  • Engage in operations across four iconic airports: Warsaw Chopin, Keflavik Airport, Vagar Airport, and Key West Airport.
  • Manage 15 vehicles, including 6 licensed, and take on the role of the Marshal. Dive deeper into the vehicles & features here.
  • We have official partnerships with 14 industry giants, including Airbus, WizzAir, and many more. And… stay tuned for one more big announcement this week!
  • Choose from varied game modes: Scenario, Free Play, Co-op Multiplayer.
  • Fine-tune your environment by setting up weather conditions.
  • Immerse yourselves in a realistic time simulation, with sun positions matching real-world geography and seasons.
  • Our in-game tasks? They’re inspired by interviews and insights from real-world airport ground handling experts.
  • Flex your creativity with the Steam Workshop: design aircraft paint skins and craft unique gameplay scenarios.
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