Aerosoft – Airport Madrid XP12/11

With Aerosoft’s Airport Madrid scenery for X-Plane 12/11, Sim-Wings has meticulously crafted this add-on to offer a comprehensive and immersive portrayal of Madrid-Barajas, the largest airport in Spain and the sixth-largest in Europe. Covering a vast 400 km² area, the package includes a breathtaking aerial image of the airport and its immediate surroundings, featuring meticulously designed 3D models and animations that breathe life into the entire scene.

This add-on not only includes all the essential airport buildings and service facilities but also provides an extensive range of autogen buildings and lush vegetation covering the entire aerial image area. The attention to authenticity continues with detailed renderings of airport buildings, including the impressive terminal 4 and terminal 4 satellite, complete with interior equipment. The use of the SAM plug-in ensures that jetway models are intricately animated, enhancing the overall realism. To further enhance the experience, dynamic lighting, custom mesh, and compatibility with default AI Traffic and World Traffic 3 make this package an essential addition for X-Plane users.

Step into this busy airport and explore its vibrant connections to South America as well as its role as the central hub for Spanish aviation. This scenery delivers an exceptional level of detail, realism, and immersion that truly captures the spirit of Madrid-Barajas, and it is available at SIMMARKET.

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