France VFR – Riviera VFR South-East MSFS

France VFR’s Riviera VFR South-East scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available on SIMMARKET, is a spectacular addition for virtual pilots seeking to explore the stunning southeastern region of France. This expansive package boasts an impressive array of features, encompassing over 30 airports and airfields, many of which have been meticulously crafted with photo-realistic 3D modeling.

The scenery is brought to life with incredibly detailed ground textures, landmarks, and realistic static aircraft, both civilian and military, dotting the landscape. This attention to detail extends to the reworked vegetation and numerous animated characters that lend authenticity to every platform.

Beyond the airports, Riviera VFR South-East showcases the beauty of the region through the integration of remarkable objects, VFR landmarks referenced by the Aeronautical Information Service (SIA), and photo-realistic areas meticulously replacing masked sections. From marinas and moorings to wind turbines, churches, water towers, and industrial tanks, the scenery is a treasure trove of visual detail. The package even includes an electrical pylons network, road and highway signs, and railroad pylons, adding to the immersive experience. With compatibility across the France VFR product range and access to essential charts, this comprehensive scenery is the result of extensive development investment and workload, making it a must-have for flight simulation enthusiasts looking to explore the southeastern Riviera in breathtaking detail.

France VFR’s Riviera VFR South-East MSFS scenery on SIMMARKET delivers an immersive and visually stunning experience for Microsoft Flight Simulator users. With over 30 enhanced airports, realistic static aircraft, and meticulously designed landscapes, it offers a true-to-life representation of the southeastern French Riviera. The package’s meticulous attention to detail extends to photo-realistic areas, vegetation, and landmarks, including obstacles and VFR references. Whether you’re a virtual pilot or a flight enthusiast, this scenery is a must-have to explore the charm and beauty of the region in a truly immersive way.

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