Nardi FN-333 Riviera for MSFS is coming to SimMarket

The FN.333 Riviera is a single-engine italian amphibious aircraft produced by SIAI-Marchetti in the 1960s. They are a rare sight with only 29 units ever built. This model for MSFS is made by Mario Noriega Designs, the same studio that has brought us the CAPRONI-VIZZOLA.

It is comingo soon to SimMarket, so keep your eyes peeled.

Key Features:

  • Amphibian (water spray visual and sound effects)
  • Retractable wing floats
    • The AFM allows for their extension once already floating still on water
  • Functioning Anchor System
    • Docking operations made simple!
  • Reversible Propeller
    • Use with care! Excellent for water docking and reverse parking & a last resort on landing!
  •  Conventional NAVCOMM 1 or GNS-430 GPS
  • In-Sim checklist
    • Or the full manual is available!
  • Full Documentation included
    • Flight manual re-formatted from the original AFM!
Mario Noriega Designs
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