Tropicalsim – Antigua VC Bird Intl TAPA V2 MSFS

TropicalSim’s Antigua VC Bird International Airport (TAPA) V2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is a must-have for flight enthusiasts looking to explore the beautiful island of Antigua in the Caribbean. This highly detailed rendition of VC Bird International Airport captures the essence of the region with stunning accuracy. In this Version 2, you get a completely new terminal building featuring a fully modelled 3d interior with its accurate layout according to the real terminal.

The airport, one of the largest in the Leeward Islands, serves over 860,000 passengers annually and provides connections to more than 50 destinations worldwide. The scenery includes a completely new terminal building with a fully modeled 3D interior, offering an immersive and realistic experience for virtual pilots. At night, the airport comes to life with full illumination and dynamic lighting, creating a visually captivating atmosphere. Additionally, the functional animated jetway and seamless integration with default MSFS scenery ensure a seamless and immersive flying experience.

Antigua’s VC Bird International Airport is a pivotal hub in the Caribbean, serving numerous major airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, British Airways, and many others. This add-on faithfully replicates the airport, making it a perfect starting point for your Caribbean adventures in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The utilization of MSFS SDK FlightSim Materials and native gITF models guarantees a high level of visual fidelity, allowing you to appreciate the airport’s intricate details and the stunning surroundings. TropicalSim’s Antigua VC Bird International Airport V2 for MSFS is a fantastic addition to your virtual aviation experience, showcasing the allure of Antigua and the Leeward Islands.

Explore the vibrant and dynamic VC Bird International Airport in Antigua, where you can take off and land on one of the Caribbean’s most picturesque islands. TropicalSim’s meticulous work in recreating this airport with a 3D-modeled interior, dynamic lighting, and a functional jetway ensures a delightful experience for flight enthusiasts. This add-on seamlessly integrates with the default MSFS scenery and utilizes the latest SDK features, providing an immersive and realistic virtual aviation experience that captures the essence of this Caribbean gem. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Antigua and its stunning surroundings with this exceptional airport scenery package.

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