Horizon Simulations Airbus Mods now integrated into the Headwind Installer and Boeing Mods to follow

It was officially announced on Discord and implemented today by Horizon Simulations and Headwind Simulations, this is the text:

‘Horizon Simulations Join our installer!

In our commitment to delivering the best, we are proud to announce the integration of Horizon Simulation add-ons into the Headwind Simulation installer. This collaboration aims to improve your add-on management experience and make it smoother and more intuitive.

Dive deeper into the skies with LatinVFR’s Airbus A320 series mods!
For the Airbus enthusiasts among you, Horizon Simulations has developed exceptional mods for the LatinVFR Airbus A320 series. These mods, based on the FlyByWire A32NX and showcasing intricate detail and realism, are now available via our installer.

Boeing’s horizon is bright! ✈
Boeing fans, here’s something to look forward to! Horizon Simulations is also working on Boeing addons, which will soon find their home in our installer. This ensures that our platform is the first choice for both Airbus and Boeing fans, offering a comprehensive flight simulation experience.

For the avoidance of doubt, while we integrate Horizon Simulations’ mods for the LatinVFR Airbus A320 series into our installer, we are not in any partnership with LatinVFR.

You can download the installer from our website:
These developments reinforce our commitment to providing unparalleled flight simulation experiences. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the near future!”

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Þórður Óldal Sigurjónsson
Þórður Óldal Sigurjónsson
8 months ago

Great news 🙂

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