The long-awaited ACCUSEASON ADVANCED EDITION for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) from REX Studios is now available.

With ACCUSEASON ADVANCED EDITION, MSFS users can experience the most authentic and realistic seasonal landscape changes ever available in a flight simulator. From deep winter whites to vibrant fall foliage, this add-on takes your flying experience to a new level.

Some of the outstanding features of the ACCUSEASON ADVANCED EDITION are:

  • Terrain Colouring: Users can now enjoy more natural-looking landscapes with automated or user-controlled terrain colouring. It currently applies to various regions, including the United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Iceland, with more regions to be added.
  • Weather Scenarios: There are over 38 season-oriented weather presets available, allowing users to choose from a wide array of weather options that harmonize with the vegetation and terrain features.
  • Resilient Colouring: This new feature ensures consistent vegetation colouring, even when the ground texture is light or contains unnatural colouring, preventing vegetation fading or discolouration.
  • Aspen Trees and Larch Trees: Two new regions have been added, featuring Aspen trees in Colorado and Larch trees in the northwestern USA and southwestern Canada. These trees create stunning landscapes with their autumn colours.
  • Lower Vegetation Density for Cities and Towns: An innovative user-controlled feature reduces the density of vegetation in urban areas, enhancing the visual aesthetics and creating a more natural appearance.
  • Enhanced Selectable Vegetation Color Tones: The vegetation colour tones have been improved, offering deeper warm tones and cooler cool tones, allowing users to select the colour tone that suits their preference.
  • Year-round Foliage Colour Changes: The foliage and terrain colouring automatically change based on the date and location, displaying the appropriate colours for each season. Different regions around the world experience seasonal changes at different times.
  • Manage Seasons with an App: Users can schedule the application to install seasonal presets automatically, ensuring that the virtual environment reflects the evolving natural world. The app operates in sync with the current date and time.
  • Global Seasons: The simulation showcases the contrast between the northern and southern hemispheres, allowing users to experience different seasons when traveling between locations.
  • Accurate Vegetation Representation: The simulation has updated various global areas to accurately depict different vegetation types, including steppe, tundra, Australian scrublands, New Zealand vegetation, and conifer regions. Suitable vegetation has been added or replaced in specific regions.
  • Winter Deciduous Trees: When the winter season applies, deciduous trees in the simulation show significantly fewer leaves, creating winter landscapes with or without snow.
  • Selectable Deciduous Tree Canopy: Users can choose between a default rounded canopy or an irregular-shaped canopy for deciduous trees, adding diversity to the tree shapes and enhancing the overall depth and richness of colours.

ACCUSEASON ADVANCED EDITION offers an overall improved and expanded experience compared to the original ACCUSEASON EDITION. With high-resolution textures, an intelligent weather system and full integration with MSFS, it takes your flying experience to a new level.

ACCUSEASON ADVANCED EDITION is sold here at SIMMARKET! Customers of the previous version get it for free!

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