Cera Sim Aircraft – Mi-17 MSFS Preview

Cera Sim Aircraft shared a preview screenshot announcing the upcoming Mi-17 helicopter for MSFS. That will be an exciting addition to the world of flight simulation, bringing a legendary aircraft into the immersive realm of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This helicopter, originating as the Mi-8M in 1975 and evolving into the export-oriented Mi-17-V5, boasts over four decades of service across 60 countries, including use by the United States for special operations forces. Cera Sim’s rendition builds on their experience with an existing P3D5 model (currently on sale 30% OFF), offering a highly detailed and realistic experience for virtual pilots.

This Mi-17 for MSFS should come loaded with features that aviation enthusiasts will appreciate if we check the features already seen in their P3D5 model. This one includes full PBR materials for lifelike lighting and reflections, ultra-high-definition textures, a paint kit for customization, and a 3DS Max model that ensures an accurate and detailed representation. The 3D virtual cockpit is fully clickable, and the helicopter’s control surfaces are carefully modeled for realistic flight dynamics. Immersive audio, autopilot, and extensive animations, including passenger sliding doors and fully animated rotors, contribute to an authentic and engaging simulation.

Additionally, the Cera Sim Mi-17 offers an array of lighting systems, side view mirrors, and separate switch-controlled cabin lights for a comprehensive and visually appealing experience. With this level of detail and realism, the Mi-17 promises to be a must-have addition for flight enthusiasts looking to explore the iconic helicopter in the visually stunning world of MSFS. Prepare for a captivating and true-to-life helicopter simulation as you take the Mi-17 for a spin in MSFS.

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