SmartSky ATC announced

With the ongoing development and rise of AI tools, it is apparently increasingly easier to produce ATC tools for the flight simulator. Now another developer has joined the bandwagon and advertised SmartSky, which probably wants to compete directly with the previously only advertised BeyondATC.

A single website promises the following:

  • No menus. No buttons. No joke. Real pilots don’t use ‘menus,’ and neither should you. Ground contact via dial-up connection and taxi request! Nothing is predetermined or scripted. 🚫📑
  • Powered by GPT-4: A combination of GPT-4 and our own secret ingredient makes you feel like you’re talking to a real human. Hundreds of voices available, all trained with the rhythm and speaking style of real air traffic controllers. 🗣️🤖
  • Online 24/7 in the US: Fly where you want, when you want and get the full air traffic controller experience. Every airport is always busy. 🌐🕒
  • Everything included: flight tracking, traffic advisories, realistic ATIS, controller handovers, VFR transition paths, CRAFT-based clearances, Class Bravo and Class Charlie procedures and more! Experience the intricacies of real-world procedures at your favourite airports! 🛫📋
  • Improved audio effects: static, squelch tails, ground loop interference, and a sense of ‘distance’ (stations far away are harder to hear over the noise). The feeling that you are actually talking on a radio puts everything else to shame! 🎧📻
  • VFR and General Aviation: Focus on a highly realistic air traffic controller experience for GA pilots in the VFR world! (GA IFR coming early next year). 🛩️🌍

They are also looking for beta testers, so anyone that is interested can apply on their website!

Release is Q4. so let’s wait and see!

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