MM Simulations – EBLG Liège Airport MSFS Update 1.4.1 and SIMMARKET Sale

MM Simulations’ latest news report a new Update 1.4.1 for the airport of EBLG Liege in Belgium for MSFS. This airport is used by both commercial and freight activities. And this update brings a major performance boost according to the developers team, for faster and smoother performance.

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Among their previous updates, were released the following :

ENTC Tromsø (Norway) v1.3.3

  • Runway 01-19 has been changed into 18-36 (due to magnetic variation)
  • New elevation model compatible with MSFS’s new elevation system
  • ILS profiles corrected

EFIV Ivalo (Finland) v1.3.0

  • Runway headings and markers has been corrected
  • Native ATC taxiway insturctions has been corrected
  • ILS confusion has been solved

LPHR Horta (Portugal), to bring it in version v1.0.2 with the following changelog :

  • Fixed runway lights
  • Fixed the ambient lighting
  • Fixed approach lights

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