BeyondATC – Development – Refining Taxi System

BeyondATC, a revolutionary add-on under development for Microsoft Flight Simulator, is taking virtual aviation to new heights with its modern and realistic Air Traffic Control (ATC) experience. With a wide array of over 100 ultra-realistic AI voices, it offers a highly immersive communication experience between pilots and ATC. The add-on brings a new level of authenticity to virtual aviation by incorporating FAA and ICAO Phraseology, developed with the input of real air traffic controllers from around the world. Seamless integration with Simbrief simplifies flight planning, making it effortless for pilots to generate comprehensive and accurate flight plans.

The latest development in BeyondATC focuses on refining the taxi system, addressing the challenge of sequencing aircraft to prevent standoff situations. Preferred taxi paths for outgoing and incoming planes have been introduced, and advanced pathing algorithms have been fine-tuned to cater to different pathing characteristics. The reservation manager plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe allocation of paths for each plane, considering temporal values that allow for optimal path evaluation. This sophisticated system continuously re-evaluates and optimizes the aircraft’s paths, providing a realistic and orderly taxiing experience. The next phase will focus on enhancing the realism of aircraft movements through acceleration and braking adjustments.

Furthermore, BeyondATC is working on adding collision avoidance for aircraft moving in opposite directions, prioritizing paths that do not intersect with oncoming traffic. These developments aim to make the virtual aviation experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator more lifelike and immersive than ever before. The video shared in the article showcases the progress made in refining the taxi system, highlighting the dedication of the development team to creating a truly exceptional ATC experience for flight simulator enthusiasts.

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