Leonardo SH – Fly The Maddog MSFS Update 1.2b176 – Navigraph + CPDLC

Leonardo SH, known for their dedication to creating highly detailed and realistic aircraft simulations, has released an exciting update for their “Fly The Maddog” series in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Update 1.2b176 brings a host of improvements and enhancements to the Maddog, further cementing its position as one of the most authentic and sophisticated aircraft add-ons available for the simulator.

The new features in this update are the addition of the Navigraph charts display in the Electronic Flight Bag tablet of the virtual cockpit, and the introduction of CPDLC AIR to AIR messaging via the FMC.

Leonardo SH has also addressed several reported issues, making the Maddog experience even more immersive and enjoyable for MSFS users. Additionally, this update includes numerous visual and audio enhancements, making the aircraft even more true to life. The 1.2b176 update from Leonardo SH demonstrates their commitment to delivering a top-tier flight simulation experience in MSFS, ensuring that “Fly The Maddog” remains a must-have for those looking for a realistic and challenging flying experience in the virtual skies.

Changelog Update 1.2b176

– fixed issue with track magenta line in PLAN mode not displayng correctly in certain situations
– fixed issue with CR thrust sometimes higher then MCT thrust
– fixed issue with bearing/distance fixes in certain dep/arr procedures
– fixed issue in CMA900 FMS when exiting the PARALLAX page
– fixed issue in CMA900 FMS of text — ROUTE DISCONINUITY — overlapping other waypoint data text
– fixed issue in CMA900 FMS with ‘Larc’ or ‘Rarc’ text always written at position LSK1 regardless of the actual position of the dme arc final fix in the legs list
– fixed issue in CMA900 FMS with holding entry
– fixed issue of FMS turning in wrong direction for certain procedures
– fixed issue with STBY ASI strip indicator
– fixed issue with chrono showing wrong GMT in certain flights
– fixed issue with Load Manager not able to change panel state if turnaround mode active
– fixed issue with turnaround mode and GPU
– fixed issue with GSX pushback when using tugs that lift the nosewheel
– fixed speed issues while in holding
– fixed missing ‘exec’ in holding exit logic and route changes in ND
– fixed swapped mouse control for HFDS FPA knob in VFR mode
– fixed a few typos in OM documentation
– pressing the ‘+/-‘ FMS key will now correctly enter the ‘-‘ as first character in scratchpad
– fixed issue with FMS creating discontinuity when loading certain SIDs

– added CPDLC AIR to AIR messaging (ATS FLT ID field must be already filled in from any CPDLC/ACARS page where the entry is shown)
– added Navigraph Charts app to EFB and updated documentation (Navigraph subscription required)

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