A2A Comanche PA24-250 – EDM 830 instrument

A special Gauge for the Saitek Instrument Panel when you fly with the Comanche PA24-250 from A2A is now available via fsX-Times.

After a few weeks delay, the EDM 830 (Engine Data Management 830), the last piece of the A2A Comanche PA24-250 FIP gauge set has completed at last.


The gauge is by far the most complicated FIP instrument I ever developed. It has over 3,600 programming lines with many intricated conditions, which I probably wouldn’t remember of what they are in a few months.

Yet, this FIP version is not a full replica to the one on the A2A aircraft.  

In addition to differences in horizontal and vertical layouts, some features of the EDM 830 on the A2A aircraft are simply unable to implement onto FIPs due to hardware and software limitations.  In some cases, I gotta use unconventional approaches to achieve what it presents.

Nevertheless, all key features from the virtual EDM are basically included in this FIP gauge to perform the monitoring functions as intended on the device, including:

  • Graphical and Digital displays of RPM and Manifold Pressure (MAP);
  • Linear gauges for Oil Pressure (O-P), Fuel Flow (GPH), Fuel Remaining (REM), Endurance (H:M) and Battery Voltage (BAT);
  • Cylinder Bar Graphs for Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) at left in blue; and Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) at right in white;
  • Percent of Horsepower (HP); and
  • Dynamic Readouts of USD (Fuel Used), REM, H:M, GPH in the lower left section of the display.

Furthermore, O-P (Oil Pressure) and VOLT (Battery Voltage) will be added to the Dynamic Readout sequence when they are below normal operating status.

Read more about it here. With a link to the store, and many more possibility’s.

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