Stealthy Duck – Cape Cod Airports in Massachussetts MSFS

Stealthy Duck is thrilled to introduce a captivating collection of four meticulously crafted Massachusetts airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available on SIMMARKET as a bundle and now also individually. These airports bring the charm and historical significance of the Cape Cod region to the virtual skies, making them a must-have for any flight enthusiast.

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Cape Cod Airfield (2B1) is a truly unique destination with its roots dating back to a National Guard camp in the early 1920s. Founded by Zenas Crocker, a World War I biplane pilot, this airport offers a rich history and picturesque scenery for pilots to explore. With the package, you’ll experience not only the airfield itself but also the surrounding landmarks, such as Racepoint Lighthouse, Highland Lighthouse, and Wood End Light House.

Provincetown Municipal Airport (KPVC) is perched on the northern tip of Cape Cod, offering stunning views and convenient access to the charming town of Provincetown. The airport serves as a hub for general aviation and Cape Air’s nonstop flights to Boston Logan Airport. The package includes a meticulously modeled FBO interior, realistic night lighting, and iconic sights like the Provincetown Pier with animated boats, ensuring an immersive flight experience.

Chatham Municipal Airport (KCQX) is a small yet vibrant hub for general aviation. With its full-service FBO, maintenance facility, and sightseeing tours, it’s a wonderful addition to your virtual flight routes. The package features a highly detailed representation of the airport, custom beacon and lighting, and even Chatham Lighthouse, providing a rich and immersive experience for MSFS enthusiasts.

Lastly, Falmouth Airpark (5B6) offers a unique blend of a public-use airport and a residential airpark, making it a distinctive destination in itself. This privately-owned gem is located just a short distance from Falmouth’s central business district. With the Stealthy Duck package, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the airpark and the surrounding areas, including custom ground markings and nearby attractions, providing endless opportunities for exploration.

Each of these airports showcases the dedication and attention to detail that Stealthy Duck is known for, and they are all easily accessible through the simInstaller technology via the APP. Don’t miss the chance to explore the rich aviation history and scenic beauty of Cape Cod area in Massachusetts with this fantastic collection. Get ready to embark on new flight adventures in this picturesque corner of the world!

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