PMDG Delivered the Universal Flight Tablet for their 737 in MSFS

PMDG introduced a significant update for their Boeing 737 series airplanes in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update, which was released on October 30, 2023, brings a groundbreaking feature known as the Universal Flight Tablet to the PMDG 737 fleet. This tablet serves as a versatile electronic flight bag (EFB) that enhances the simming experience for users.

PMDG 737 series in MSFS now support the Navigraph maps and charts display, SimBrief flightplan integration, and the performance calculation. More info on Navigraph’s blog here.

The Universal Flight Tablet offers various applications and functions designed to make flight planning and navigation more immersive and efficient. Users can import flight plans from SimBrief, access real-time METAR weather information, and utilize Navigraph Charts (requires a Navigraph subscription) for georeferenced charting. Additionally, it provides performance computation tools for takeoff, diversion, and landing, improving the accuracy of flight operations. The tablet also offers day/night settings, metric/imperial unit options, and the ability to enter data via an attached keyboard or on-screen keyboard.

The introduction of the PMDG Universal Flight Tablet marks a significant step in PMDG’s commitment to enhancing the flight simulation experience. This development not only introduces new features but also sets the stage for future expansions, including control of PMDG aircraft options, functions, and failures directly from the tablet interface. The company is also exploring partnerships with external developers to integrate their applications seamlessly into the tablet, offering users a consolidated and immersive in-sim experience.

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