AzurPoly – C160 Transall MSFS Update 1.2

AzurPoly is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Update 1.2 for their C160 Transall aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This major update signifies the developers’ unwavering commitment to enhancing the aircraft’s realism and overall experience.

The standout feature of this update is the introduction of dynamic payload capabilities, thanks to the collaboration with TouchingCloud. Now, players can drop two VBL vehicles from the cargo bay, watching them descend under three parachutes. Additionally, the developers have added animated troops who occupy the empty seats and perform free-fall jumps from the ramp. While these complex animations do push the performance limits, AzurPoly is determined to further refine them in the future.

Flight plan management has long been a missing piece of the puzzle for the Transall, and this update addresses this issue by introducing an optional GNS unit on the overhead panel. Extending the FMS system with real-world documentation, players can now plan full IFR flights without relying on external GPS systems. The inclusion of INIT and FLP pages, ARC and MAP modes on the EFIS, and functional autopilot RADIO mode makes flight planning and navigation more immersive and authentic. Despite the Transall’s non-intuitive systems, the update offers all the necessary tools for creating, managing, and executing flight plans, reinforcing the aircraft’s realism.

AzurPoly didn’t stop there; they’ve also added a head-up display (HUD) to enhance the flying experience. This HUD is available from both the pilot and copilot seats, providing essential flight parameters right in the pilot’s field of view. The developers have also invested time in understanding and rectifying the remaining bugs, particularly tackling the complex fuel system and APU supply issues. This comprehensive update not only introduces exciting new features but also polishes existing elements, ensuring a more seamless and realistic Transall experience for MSFS users.

In conclusion, AzurPoly’s Update 1.2 for the C160 Transall in MSFS is a significant milestone in the aircraft’s development journey. The addition of dynamic payload features, improved flight plan management, a new HUD, and numerous bug fixes enrich the overall gameplay experience. The developers’ dedication to addressing community feedback and their commitment to future improvements make the Transall a more complete and captivating military cargo aircraft in the ever-evolving world of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Players can look forward to enjoying these enhancements as the update becomes available on PC and Xbox.

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Changelog v1.2.0:

  • Animated paratroops and vehicles cargo drop
  • New head-up display (HUD) with fully custom display
  • FMS now fully capable for flight plan management
  • New EFIS ARC and MAP modes
  • Flight plan display on EFIS
  • Fixed fuel consumed from only one tank at once
  • Fixed APU stopping after few minutes
  • Corrected engine sounds
  • Removed loud engine sound in multiplayer
  • Added button to refill methanol
  • Switch to toggle NAV mode (VLOC/GPS)
  • Fixed formation lights toggling wing lights
  • New EFB option to set payload weights manually
  • Fixed incorrect RPM hundreds indication
  • Fixed propeller RPM drop after touchdown
  • Fixed incorrect generator frequencies
  • EFB update with autopilot VS mode
  • Use Working Title GNS package by default
  • Possibility to hide yoke
  • More ergonomic autopilot pitch switch
  • Fixed IFF knob not changing transponder state
  • Fixed propeller dust effect displayed with engine off
  • Updated EFB map source
  • Small EFIS color changes
  • Fixed missing decals on French grey livery
  • Several minor texture fixes
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