SimWorks Studios – PC-12 MSFS Progress News

SimWorks Studios is making significant progress on their PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with a recent update on their Discord about the latest developments. The aircraft is currently undergoing review at Pilatus, a critical step in ensuring the product meets the manufacturer’s standards. While the review timeline is uncertain, SimWorks Studios is using this time to polish the PC-12 further, addressing bugs and finalizing details.

One notable feature is the inclusion of a comprehensive set of checklists for the PC-12, covering procedures from a cold start to shutting down the aircraft. SimWorks Studios is actively working on the manual and reaching out to content creators for tutorial videos to enhance the user experience. Additionally, the PC-12 will support two cockpit configurations: GNS530/430 and GTN750/650, offering flexibility to users. The developers are also working on a tablet to facilitate in-flight setup changes, providing users with a seamless experience.

The blog post also addressed the topic of failures in the PC-12. SimWorks Studios recognizes that while some users prefer a full systems’ fidelity without failures, others desire the option to turn them off or quickly fix them. To cater to both preferences, the developers are exploring solutions such as a click spot under the engine cowling or a tablet, though the latter is still in development. The focus is on delivering a high-quality product that meets the varied needs of the flight simulation community, with a keen eye on market demands and user satisfaction.

Watch this First Look Preview video recorded by the Youtuber Q8Pilot :

SimWorks Studios Pilatus PC-12 | First Look Preview | MSFS by Q8Pilot
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