Flightdeck Solutions – First Time Landing a B737MAX Simulator ! [Video]

Flight simulation has become an integral part of pilot training and aviation enthusiasts’ experiences, allowing individuals to step into the shoes of a pilot and navigate the skies from the comfort of a simulated cockpit. In a recent captivating video shared on YouTube by Flightdeck Solutions, a renowned cockpit replicas manufacturer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we get an up-close look at the exhilarating experience of a first-time landing in a Boeing 737 MAX simulator.

The featured video, accessible at, showcases a group of guests from Mérici Collégial Privé attending an event hosted by Orizon Aviation. During this event, these aviation enthusiasts were given the unique opportunity to try out Orizon’s state-of-the-art Boeing 737 MAX Flight Training Device (FTD).

Night Approach and Landing: The highlight of the video unfolds as one of the guests takes on the challenge of executing a night approach and landing in the B737MAX simulator. The setting adds an extra layer of complexity and realism to the experience, as darkness blankets the virtual skies. With an Orizon Aviation instructor in the left seat guiding her through the intricate process, the guest demonstrates exceptional skills and composure.

The Skillful Landing: As the simulation progresses, viewers witness the guest navigating through the intricacies of a night landing, carefully aligning the aircraft with the runway and managing the descent. The precision and attention to detail required for a successful landing are evident, and it’s truly a testament to the authenticity of Orizon Aviation’s training device.

Instructor Guidance: The presence of the experienced Orizon Aviation instructor in the left seat adds an educational dimension to the video. It not only highlights the capability of the B737MAX simulator but also emphasizes the importance of professional guidance in the training process. The instructor’s expertise ensures a safe and informative experience for the participant, contributing to the overall success of the simulated night landing.

Celebrating Success: As the simulated aircraft safely touches down, the room erupts in applause, celebrating the guest’s successful night landing. The sense of accomplishment and the thrill of a flawless execution resonate through the video, making it a memorable experience for both the participant and the viewers.

Flightdeck Solutions, as a leading cockpit replicas manufacturer, continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of flight simulation. The showcased video not only demonstrates the cutting-edge technology behind Orizon Aviation’s B737MAX Flight Training Device but also captures the excitement and challenge of a first-time night landing in a simulated airliner. This immersive experience reflects the commitment of aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike to push the boundaries of virtual flight training.

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