Gudisim – Indonesian Airports for MSFS – WAWW WAWP WATG WATE

Explore the beauty and authenticity of Indonesian airports with Gudsim‘s exceptional MSFS sceneries, available now on SIMMARKET.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant landscapes and rich details of these four airports: WAWW Haluoloe, WAWP Sangia Nibandera Kolaka, WATG Frans Sales Lega, and WATE H. Hasan Aroeboesman.

  1. WAWW Haluoloe Airport MSFS:

Experience the allure of Haluoleo International Airport, located in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.
The airport boasts significant enhancements, including Aerobridge facilities for passenger convenience.
The apron accommodates up to 8 Narrow-Body wide-body aircraft, such as Boeing 737-900ER or Airbus A320.
Enjoy a seamless experience with FPS-friendly features, detailed ground elements, PBR textures, and a multi-layered apron texture.
Witness near-accurate building models, including an intricately designed terminal with an interior.

  1. WAWP Sangia Nibandera Kolaka MSFS:

Explore Sangia Nibandera Airport, nestled in Tanggetada Village, Kolaka Regency, Southeast Sulawesi.
Operate commercial flights with Wings Air and TransNusa, connecting Makassar to Kolaka.
The airport serves as the gateway to Kolaka Regency and adjacent areas.
Benefit from FPS-friendly design, detailed ground features, PBR textures, and a multi-layered apron texture.
Admire the near-accurate building models and experience an updated AFCAD.

  1. WATG Frans Sales Lega MSFS:

Challenge yourself with Frans Sales Lega Airport in Ruteng, East Nusa Tenggara, known for its challenging cloud-covered runway.
Revel in the stunning, accurate surroundings of Ruteng, one of the coldest areas in Indonesia.
Enjoy an FPS-friendly experience with detailed ground elements, PBR textures, and an updated AFCAD.
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this unique airport, often dubbed “The Runway Above The Clouds.”

  1. WATE H. Hasan Aroeboesman MSFS

Embark on an adventure to H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport in Ende, Flores island, NTT, Indonesia.
Navigate the challenging surroundings of sea and mountains, making it one of Indonesia’s most extreme airports.
The airport features a new, spacious passenger terminal building, offering a vast improvement over the previous structure.
Experience a smooth simulation with FPS-friendly attributes, detailed ground features, PBR textures, and an updated AFCAD.
Fly with caution, as only the most experienced pilots are allowed to tackle the unique challenges of this airport.

Indulge in the ultimate flight simulation experience with Gudsim’s meticulously crafted sceneries, providing an authentic and immersive journey through some of Indonesia’s most captivating airports. Upgrade your MSFS adventure today with these exceptional products, available on SIMMARKET.

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